Adam Carter
Young Engineer,
Businessman & Leader
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Visual Scripting
AI/Machine Learning
  • Arduino, raspberry pi, ESP32
  • Matlab, NumPy, Mathematica
  • Godot, Unity, UE4
  • Bootstrap, Adobe CC, Figma
  • OpenVino, PyTorch
  • Loopring Layer2

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My Services

IOT platform development
Adept in architecting, designing and implimenting IOT products and solutions. Worked on a multitude of client and personal projects.
Product Design
Experienced in designing products from design, to concept to final piece. Worked on a multitude of client and personal projects.
Web Development/UI Design
Worked in creating customer portfolios and company websites. Experienced in taking UI mockups and turning them into functioning end products.
Game Design
Have experience in game design and creating game prototypes from briefs. Designed, developed and engineered multiple indie titles.
Financial Engineering
I study macroeconomic trends using AI and machine learning models. I am driven by my own thirst for knowledge and am looking for opportunities.
Video Editing
I am a proficient video editor and have a wide set of editing tools. I have maintained a small YouTube and Twitch channel for over 8 years.


Michael H.
Career Mentor
I have had the pleasure of supporting Adam in his professional development during his studies at UTC Reading. As the elected president of the student executive committee, Adam has served to represent our UTC in a number of capacities. Adam has been a prominent force in shaping the student-led development at our UTC, and has led the student team in submitting our World-Class Schools application and in ultimately securing this status for us. I have enjoyed mentoring and supporting Adam in his tenure as project lead in a number of employer-led engagements, namely Fujitsu Operation Innovation (national runners up), National Grid Innovation in Engineering (winners).
Max Grimmett
Adam Carter is an extremely motivated individual who can integrate into any team. He works well as a friendly leader who still gets the job done. He takes his specialism in Engineering seriously while not being afraid to experiment and leave his comfort zone.
Steve Alty
On an award I was applying for: "Academically, Adam is one of our best students this year and we have high expectations of him. Adam seems to be quite gregarious and well-liked amongst his peers. I believe Adam is very deserved of this award as he has demonstrated excellent leadership throughout his time at Royal Holloway. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me."
Adrian M.
Funtech Employer
Adam is an exceptional employee and has always been very diligent with his work. He supports the students in their learning and goes the extra mile by helping each individual really understand the course content.
Michael H.
Career Mentor
As a competitive and driven individual, Adam has also shown his ability to lead teams in a collaborative manner, and has matured into a young responsible adult who seeks challenges and has proven to learn quickly from weaknesses he identifies in himself. As an ethical and responsible student, we as the school leadership team have benefitted from Adam’s ‘millennial’ insight into how best to introduce change within the student community. On a technical level, Adam is comfortable in both engineering and computing environment, and is a high achiever academically.
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Adam Carter